Samstag, September 09, 2006


Exactly a week tomorrow will begin a 30 day long cleanse, which will (after a two hella week long detox period) rid me of my cravings and establish a new, healthy relationship shall we call it with food.

With assistance from Jayne Says, from an extremely helpful downloadable PDF she posted on on August 9th. Thanks, J!


JayneSays hat gesagt…

Oh, I can't wait to hear more about it! I am so glad my journey inspired you. Just hang tough with the sugar withdrawal the first 2 weeks and you will do just fine. Pictures of my transformation (which you have seen, but in case anyone else wants to see them) are here:

Good luck!!

k hat gesagt…

I did a cleanse last year for almost a month. I wanted to kill everyone and everything in site for the first few days - sugar go bye bye :)
Anyways, good luck! I lost 8 lbs, but gained it back, but the nice part was losing my cravings for sugar. I can actually have one piece now and say no to the rest :)
Good luck!!!!!!