Donnerstag, September 07, 2006

Drink Drank Drunk (ready for the weekend?)

How the heck can it be Thursday already? Wow. Well, it's Friday in my mind, a nice short week before I take a few days off for my other job this weekend, watchin' the horsies jump (oh yeah, and servin' some drinks). Unfortunately no Nekkid pic today- we forgot the cameras on our little trip to the mountains last weekend, where copious amounts of brew were drunk straight out of the jug while we enjoyed the temporary invasion of Scots (and bagpipes) to the town.

Last night was another missed photo op, as my housemates and I celebrated the other girl's birthday (once we hunted her down) with her posse of chicks at the Crack. The Crack! How happy was I to return to my old stomping grounds shortly thereafter, where earlier we had left the band as they started their first set. We caught their final one- from "I Will Survive" to a rocked-out version of "Let it Be" with some Police, RHCP and Sublime thrown in for good measure. But it was "Faith" that got me up on the floor shakin' what God gave me. I realized there on the uncrowded dancefloor that I really needed to get out and enjoy the company. Hangin' with the band was a bonus (they're friends of my sis). As were the drinks (my 'usual', poured by the big bear of a bartender with a knowing nod). It felt good to be revisiting my old haunt, finally putting some old memories to rest and creating new ones.

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