Montag, September 18, 2006

Day One

Here we are at Mile Zero. I'm most of the way through the first day of my cleanse, and it's going very well. It's mostly mind over matter, right? I have learned over the years that I have a very strong will and can overcome pretty much any obstacle in order to reach my goals. This is something I have wanted to do for quite awhile now, and it's not like I'm new at or unfamiliar with it. My history of making what some would call 'radical' choices with food started at 14, when I did my first Master Cleanse after reading the book borrowed from Mom. It's also that book which led to my decision to stop eating red meat, when I saw that they had used the word 'flesh' to describe it. Ewww! I finally made the connection about what it was exactly that I was putting into my body. I have stayed off red meat for the most part (exceptions being my Dad's moose sauerbraten on Christmas eve), but eventually ventured back into chicken, fish and dairy.

It will be interesting to see how my body reacts (once I have achieved a clean slate) to different foods. I found a couple of excellent books at the amazing granola-haven place where I purchased my supplies yesterday. It combines yoga postures, breathing excersises and herbal treatments to make it a full body-mind-soul experience. After all, it is a whole shift in lifestyle that is taking place here, and it's nice to have such a comprehensive guide to accompany me through it.

It's funny, the massage therapist who came to our office today (and worked on the lymph nodes in my feet- ooooh yeah) gave me her business card- the name of her company is 'Peace of Mind', and I'm already feeling it!

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