Freitag, März 31, 2006

my posessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof

It seems my April fool's has begun a little early.

I'm currently hangin' with my buddy Al, mechanic extrordinaire, while he checks out what's wrong with the J baby. *sigh* I was supposed to be oh somewhere between Banff and Lake Louise right about now, but her check engine light came on just as I was heading between the grocery store and home to grab my stuff and Go Go Go GIT Head for them hills... Foiled again.

But I take a deep breath and praise her for maybe being perhaps even a little wiser than me tonight, with her flat out refusal to leave town (it may not be as dramatic as that, he has yet to make the exact diagnosis). So I sit back and relax, knowing she's in good hands and chill with the big Silver Daddy Rolls and lil kiddo red Fiat displayed in the front of the shop. I always enjoy coming here, seeing all kinds of different makes & models (mostly European) in various degrees of undress. Each time I learn a thing or two more about this boy world of motor performance and chrome. Earlier, Al recounted for me the story of Melissa, the woman/nymph/angel who adorns the tip of Big Daddy's nose. (Price for one of those-cause I asked- around two grand!!).

Everything happens according to the Universes plan anyway.

***diagnosis has come in*** there's this part thats attached to the other part and he swapped it out and now I'm gonna give it a go. Yeah, that's it. Hauptsache I hit the road, Jack, and even if it's just as far as the Banff tonight.

S out.

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