Mittwoch, Januar 25, 2006

bags aren't packed but I'm ready to go

... sure, some might say it's getting down to the wire here, but I say I'm just gettin' this party started! Actually, I have spent the evening at yoga class, dropping Jules off to spend the week with her friend Al the Mechanic, picking up not only a kick ass digital camera but also a shuffle on borrow for the week (thanks, Pinky!), and trying to figure out how in the heck to get my music sent from one place to another (and hopefully end up on a portable device). But alas, I have given up and have had to resort to the good old fashioned CD burn. Sigh. Guess I need more nerds in my life.

The reason I gave up is because I really should be attending to the packing of my luggage, seeing as my chauffeured ride to the airport leaves at 6:45. The reason I'm not too overly concerned about this lack of package action is beacuse as I breezily told Uhu earlier "ah, I can get it done in 20 minutes, flat"! Yeah. Um. Better get to it then. Only *hours* remain between me & the beach!!!

Meanwhile, something to contemplate (I chose this tarot a few days ago upon asking the question about the cute boy going along on this trip):

TheTwo of Swords card suggests a strong attraction to someone of the opposite sex. A love affair perhaps, but there is also the possibility that this will be with a person who seems to have completely opposing interests. Opposites do, however, attract, and this union could be a successful one, although l have to say that there is someone who is likely to be surprised by this.You have reached a point in your life where you want answers and decisions. This card indicates a need to force certain issues. Effort will be necessary but remember that there is a lot at stake, so you must always be aware of what you are driving against. Personality clashes are a possibility. Perhaps with someone you work with, or within a closer relationship. If this is so, then the cards suggest that you must be willing to compromise. Be the first to offer the olive branch and make a conscious effort to mend fences. Disagreements must be settled and the reason is that there will be so much to gain from this.

Que sera, sera!

... if you need me, I'll be here.

Back in a week with PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence. :)


Laurie hat gesagt…

OH!!! I am sooooo jealous!

Have a great time, and I want to see lots of pics :-)

I always pack at the last second, too...

brea hat gesagt…

Um. Yeah. Very jealous. :(

Thérèse hat gesagt…

Have fun!

Take lots of pictures and make sure you do at least one small thing you regret!

SG hat gesagt…

Done and done ;)