Sonntag, Januar 08, 2006

Fully Fabulous

The weekend has been. Off in a few minutes to play some soccer with my girls, then it's back to the cozy warmth of the fireplace and my three new cuddling buddies where I'm house sitting. I only had a couple of days between sits, so I ended up bringing all of my laundry here and washing every last stich I had. Decided to take a nice nap this afternoon while I was stark naked, waiting for the first load to dry.

Finally got to *be* a guest at a Christmas party (for the catering company I do part time work for) last night. What a treat... taking full advantage of the open bar, the delicious buffet and putting requests in at the hot dj's booth. And I totally recommend taking a gay guy as a date- he doesn't even bat an eye when you say you're going home with someone else...

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Whinger hat gesagt…

Gay guy friends are the best. So understanding of ALL social situations.