Freitag, Januar 13, 2006

Where's my nurse?

I awoke with a start and the panic started to set in when I realized that it was already light outside. Then I remembered waking up two hours before that and calling in sick. The tickle in my throat that I thought were my allergies (mind over matter method unfortunately NOT working) has turned into a wee bit of a cold. Slept some more (my body sure needed it) and now I'm comtemplating a spot of breakfast. My fave when I'm sick: toast 'n honey. I should have known going so many days on so little sleep (and walking the dog with slightly wet hair) would result in this under-the-weatherness. Oh well, everyone needs a blanket on the couch day.
Gingerale, please?

*I realize this post is devoid of any real subject matter, I just needed to write somethin' on top of that nasty soccer pic* oh, and have people feel sorry for me and bring me popscicles*hint, hint*

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