Sonntag, Januar 15, 2006

the fine art of procrastination

K, three hours have gone by and I have managed to accomplish ONE thing. That's ONE. And have I gained 1/2 an hour (I knew the place was going to be at least 2, but now's it's 2.5 hrs late).

In the meantime (and it's all about the meantime, isn't it?) I have made the list (an accomplishment in itself), gotten the 2nd load of laundry in, and had two very interesting and very different msn conversations. Those may not seem productive or even remotely useful at the present time, but hey, a girl has to have some distractions. I seem to come by my multitasking ways naturally. And enjoy myself along the way.

Case in point: #7, add to iTunes folder. Yeah, not so necessary. A little focus now.

Now. Back to being productive. Oh, and getting a few zzzs in would be nice too.

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