Samstag, Januar 21, 2006

sippin' marguritas

is what I'm supposed to be doing a couple of minutes from now... down the hill and over the bridge.

What I'm doing instead is uploading me some sweet music to hopefully figure out how to transfer to my new (to me) mp3 player in time to bring it with me when vacation starts Wednesday. Was at my best friends house today, enjoying the chaos that is kicked up when you combine a head-to-toe in pink precocious five year old, an adorably hammy one year old Fuzz, and two parents all going on max 3-4 hrs sleep. Her husband graciously loaned me six of his precious DMB collection (four of em live) for the night and I'm currently on #5. And hooked.

I also picked up a few more to chill out to on the beach... Nina Simone, Diana Krall's first, Chris Isaak, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel.

Anyone have any chill-completely-out-on-the-beach musical suggestions?

*did I mention it's only 4 sleeps away?*


raspberry sundae hat gesagt…

garden state soundtrack!

SG hat gesagt…

if it weren't currently stuck in my DVD player, hell yeah!

raspberry sundae hat gesagt…