Donnerstag, Januar 05, 2006

Making a splash

I’m not sure if it was my chat with my wacky and wonderful therapist last night that sucked all of my brain power, but this morning I forgot to bring not only shampoo, conditioner and anti-persperant but also my BRA to the pool. Which made for a little bit of an embarrassing and awkward happy new year hug with my friend who works there, a quick shuffle to the car (holding my bag in front of me) and a big sigh of relief when I found that extra sports bra in my soccer bag in the back seat. I’m not all to concerned about the hair, it’s going to be cut and coloured after work anyway (hopefully the chlorine left in won’t make for some funky shade of orange), and it’s not as though I have a lunch date or anything. Sigh. As for the pit stick, Ma says it causes cancer anyway so I’m better off without. So I sit here with my mono-boob, happy they’re not hanging down to my belly button. Things could be a lot worse. The important thing is, I got to the pool at all! 20 days till the beach…

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