Sonntag, März 05, 2006

Be the Sundae

One of the things I love most about my house sitting job is raiding people's bookshelves. I adore browsing through their literary collections, seeing what titles jump out and grab me. Even better is a sunny comfy room in which to read, surrounded by cuddly creatures.

Two of the books that piqued my interest at my current sit are a book about the Invention of time, and one called "Where are you going?" a guide to the Spiritual Journey, with this passage on the back cover:

"Everything you seek in this world is within you. Supreme joy blazes inside. But it is not enough merely to have intellectual understanding of this. You have to go deep inside. The heart is the true house of God. Go there."
-Swami Munktananda

Interesting, as I was just pondering the quandry of time yesterday when my optrician remarked that there is nothing more precious than it, as we can never regain it.

I had several administrative things to do on my list this weekend (that I now realize I didn't get done on purpose). My time was much better spent enriching and expanding that spiritual connection, in a place filled and overflowing with love, in the company of one Soul Brother.

The paperwork can wait.


nosthegametoo hat gesagt…

It's always interesting to see what people read. I rumage through people's book.

raspberry sundae hat gesagt…

be the sundae - ha! i love it :)

SG hat gesagt…

Yes, the title was inspired by the talk at my 'church' about why we ask how people are doing when what is important is how they are being.

I decided to be delicious on Sunday!