Freitag, März 03, 2006

A few posts back, Laurie asked what a Goddess party was. So I thought it would be best to explain...

I have been reading (and writing my own shortly after the discovery of) blogs for about a year and a half now. I loved the randomness of 'dropping in' on complete strangers, and getting to see a glimpse of their lives, their own creative interpretations in which they chose to share with the www. When I came across Lulu I was incredibly inspired by her and the women (Gypsy & Rikki, to name two) from a town called Lawrence, Kansas, which may as well be like a fairy town to me. Goddess town, more precicely.

These women have formed a Goddess Collective, a group that meets regularly to love, support and just joyfully BE. So I decided to start my own GC, up a little more North and to the right. Brought together some of the most incredibly inspiring (and mostly entrepreneutrial , as it turned out), to connect, drink wine, get henna'd and generally enjoy eachothers company & energy. And what a beautiful energy was created! Looking forward to our next gathering.

There are Goddesses everywhere in the blogosphere, it seems. Two of my favorite incarnations of Goddessness Miss VJ & Miss Razz inspire me on a daily basis.

And there's the one I'm very much looking forward to meeting in person, (IRL) :) Brea

Goddesses all!

Be blessed.


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brea hat gesagt…

Write more about your goddess parties!

My sister and I want to start a group of females that get together and do stuff... mainly drink wine, yes, but other stuff too! :)

We came up with a bunch of theme nights but have yet to carry any out. Any input would be greatly appreciated.