Donnerstag, März 23, 2006


Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
None but ourselves can free our minds

Ah, a little Bob on a Thursday morning. Listened to him while I made my way to work this morning, contemplating my state of mind. It’s the second last day of commuter hell. Me Ma returns tomorrow from her two week trip out east visiting the familee and I’ll be done done done babysittin’ her exchange students and being stuck in the ‘burbs. Yippee!

I used to have a really negative feeling whenever I was in her house, stemming from the last and final breakdown of my marriage, which took place there. But it’s been 5 years, the picture has long been down off the wall and I’d like to think that I have moved on. No, my disgruntlement with having to stay waaay out there (end of the world, turn right) has more to do with its remoteness from my daytime and nocturnal activities. I have spent more on fuel for Jules in the past fortnight than I care to think about.

It’ll be so lovely to spend the next two weeks at home in my own bed (with the exception of a weekend jaunt or two if I’m lucky) before my 5 week long run of house sitting begins. #1 ttd: sort out my tax stuff! When is that deadline again??

liberate * set free * free * release * unshakle * let go * untie

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