Samstag, März 25, 2006

Saturday night's just right

Chicken's on the Barbie and the Barbie looks great with her satiny curls. She's just captured the boys spontanious dance duet to 'Chicago' on video with a smirk. I hope to figure out how to upload and broadcast it soonest! They've already done through 1 1/2 bottles of the Jaeg... I wonder if there's any escape from joining this mad circus tonight over at the Cage. I'm kinda doubting it.

Christened the weekend of in.ven.tion (a natural progression from the theme that began this year, in.ten.tion), I did get a major goal accomplished today- dealing with all of the paper that has gathered over the past quarter. I now have all of the bits and pieces sorted, filed, and a neat little pile remains to submit to our lovely government for approval. Hopefully I won't get kicked out. ;)

I also met with Goddess Trinity, who is blessedly leading me through the maze of what-all-of-these-bits-and-pieces-mean-to-me and helping me set up a business and financial plan, among other things. Which involved sticking a sponge into the inside of my cheek (in the middle of the coffee shop we were in) for two full minutes, while curious fellow coffee drinkers looked on...

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