Montag, März 20, 2006

monday morning stream of consciousness

So I get into the office this morning and the yellow lilies I left on Friday have blossomed and they’re absolutely gorgeous two flowers one stem I’m gonna take it as a sign and the snowflakes keep falling on this first day of spring. My grandma’s 91st (Happy Bday Grama!) and four days left to look after the mama’s pad and foreign exchange students whom I fed turkey for the first week almost they must think North Americans are so weird. Mmm the morning coffee spiked with laura secord hot chocolate mix my blood pressure meds dose increased I wonder if I’ll have any extra side effects? Speaking of effects my oh my no green beer for me but Green Day and green blossoms blossoming a trip out to the mountains with my good friend mike b, just what this girl needed leaving the clouds behind clear blue skies then blizzard blizzard all the way home. My urban family lovelies enough girls for a game but they’re too hung we just have breakfast and shipwrecks and laugh and laugh and laugh. And go look at handbags.

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