Donnerstag, September 23, 2004

Disco King meets Kitty Kat

Old meets new: how do you do? My dear friend the singing lawyer (aka Disco King) took me out for dinner last night. He does this on a semi-regular basis, depending in frequency on our geographical locations. Lucky for me, it has been quite regular the past few months, and I enjoy his company and our talks immensely. On the way in his car he was rehearsing a song he is going to be singing at a wedding this weekend, and I happily sang along with him to the syrupy lyrics.

Later on we met up with my beautiful kitty Kat, whom I also consider a dear friend, although we have only known each other a few weeks. So my 13 year old friend & my 2 week old friend met and blended seamlessly. Gotta love it when that happens! I want to take this space to thank them both so much for the much needed nurturing. You guys are the best.

You see everything, you see every part
You see all my light and you love my dark
You dig everything of which I'm ashamed
There's not anything to which you can’t relate
And you’re still here



Anonym hat gesagt…

Ah, my dear friend Sandra. Always a pleasure to hang with you, no matter what continent we happen to be on.
- Jeff

SG hat gesagt…

You KNOW you're my brotha from anotha motha!! Love you!