Dienstag, September 28, 2004


I had planned to start my blog on this day.

22 days ago, I stood under the apex of the pyramid at the Summerhill Vineyards in Kelowna and made a wish. Apparently that is the incubation time for one to be granted.

It was the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend spent in (sunny!) Vancouver. My first trip there in 18 years. Being a total tourist. I fell in love with the place. UBC nestled out in its wilderness, the beaches (especially Jericho, where the hostel was), the Aquarium. I am such a kid. The part of Stanley Park that we strolled around that lovely afternoon. I had a mind to just enroll at the University and stay. Magical, I tell ya.

Anyway, when I made this wish a little over three weeks ago (with two delightful, polite yet non-believing travel companions, who allowed me to be the tree hugging free spirited princess I needed to be that weekend) I did not know that 22 days later would be the full moon.

Anniversaries mean a lot to me. I like to mark things by the day they happen, and celebrate that special beginning. The full moon signifies a coming together, of ideas & creativeness, of minds, bodies and souls.

So it would be fitting to mark this day as the beginning, celebrate it.


Walking across the sand
with a song in my heart
Once again
I have come back to the root
rediscovered something that
was always there
in the depths of my soul

A truer Love Joy Happiness
resides within
That neverending source,
of that it is


Big Mountain Dream hat gesagt…

you believing in the unbelievable and allowing yourself the room to dwell in the space of your tree hugging spirit inspires me. You are not real, or too good to be true and I thank my angels silently every night that I was so fortunate to have met you. You are the gift that has been on my wish list for so long that I had forgotten it was there. I thank the wind for having blown the soul of your being past this hungry, lost and searching soul and I will eternaly be in debted to you for cracking the walls around my heart. Signed....your biggest fan!

SG hat gesagt…

Awww, sweetie! You've gone and made me all misty eyed at work. There is a very good reason why we met. And I assure you, it will be mutually beneficial. Purrrrr