Mittwoch, September 22, 2004

I had a dream last night

Weird ass one about rescuing dogs and fire escapes.

Serves me right for going to bed in a bad mood. Not to say that bad moods never happen, but when they do, I tend to have these fleeting thoughts that I won’t ever be able to get out of them.

Original Hiking Buddy (who ‘got’ the message) gave me some good advice. To be brutally honest here. If not here, then where? So here goes:

We lost our game. I am in debt. I got in shit for making calls of personal nature & not being EXACTLY on time.

Sometime between waking up, stumbling across two lost souls sleeping in the park on my way to work, and being a full 8 minutes early for work, I gained some perspective.

It’s just a game. EVERYONE is in debt. I am human.
It will come to pass.

On another note, someone told me I look hot today. I have a sexy/whimsical with a slight touch of hippie goin’ on. On probably one of the last days I can get away with wearing sandals, my toes are worth showing in
Canadian Maple Leaf

Lesson of the day:
Some people in your life deserve infinite second chances.

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