Montag, September 20, 2004

My car and I: a love story

Ode to my car

We have been through so much together
Fallen off the road a few times
Brakes need replacing (slow down!)
New tires (take care of those tootsies)
Blast that -fully paid for- stereo
We're going places, you and I

I actually wrote the first idea for my first post in my car,
parked at a lake in the mountains.
All I could find to write on was a flyer from Mr. Lube.

An exerpt:
"SERVICE ENGINE SOON" says the dashboard. No fing s&%*! (sorry) but GEEZ life just hits you sometimes in the *!?%&
Oh boy. YEAH, that's part of the problem. NOT the solution, methinks. The events of the past few days have piled up on me a little, and I feel like I'm shuffling through them.
I used to be convinced that my car was a metaphor for my life. We've gone through a lot, my saturn and I. Fell off the road a few times together. We have new tires, new brakes, TLC.
I have been sitting here at the lake for at least 15 minutes and I notice now snow on the the mountain!

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