Montag, September 20, 2004

Fairies & Elves - found a new hiking buddy

Yes, that was an audible sigh. Almost the kind my oma would have let from her lips. Except that this one had a definite more satisfied/content lean to it. Sitting at my laptop, at the end of an extremely crazybusy last couple of weeks, letting the spirit of Autumn sweep me up in her caress.

The first emoticon I had chosen while setting that part up was "Accomplished". Yes, do rather feel that way. Especially since I'm actually a full 9 days ahead of my estimated launching schedule. Double Woo Hoo!

Thirty had definitely been my best year thus far. So many things have begun to awaken and come alive inside- like a technicolor butterfly, if you will allow. Which you will, oblige me that is. Because that's the beauty of this thing. If you didn't want to read this you wouldn't be. Live and let live.

Which brings me to:

Quote of the day-----

"What counts is not the amount of hours you put in but how much you put into those hours"-found on a grease stained photocopied 8 1/2 by 11 taped to the wall of the appropriately named Angel's Drive -In.

I say appropriately named because that was the gold at the end of the rainbow that my new hiking buddy (aka Elf) and I found. After taking a stroll thorough the wilds along the river there it was, in all of its neon glory. Now I need to explain that I believe in the existence of elves and fairies. Extremely similar to angels, I tend to meet these lovely helping spirits haphazardly along the way. This particular one took the form of a mischievous youngin' former skateboarder/future tattoo artist.

Best question asked in our 2 hour wander:
"Do you still have a teddy bear or something that you've had forever?"
Yes, his name is Sylvester, he's a monkey and he resides on the top shelf of my bedroom closet.

Which let me to think about my other favorite possession:Bob, the lime green Philips electric kettle from Amsterdam. I love Bob. He always comes through for me. So now you know the two things I would grab if I had to flee my burning abode.

Oh goodness, I am a little all over the place, aren't I. A little like a kid in a candy store (on speed), I'm afraid. This is rather like a clean slate. Nice to have a place to throw all of my buzzing thoughts.

Recent Horoscope: "Work on something you feel is important and it will pay off. You can mix business with pleasure and accomplish what you set out to do"

You know what? I have put a hell of a lot into the past few weeks, in all areas of my life, I'd say. Between working both jobs the past 12 days (with time between to sleep), my professional and social life have to jive. Uh oh- that ALMOST counted as a whine...sorry testypea)I have been meeting tons of interesting people in all three spheres (yes, there is a *purely fun* category).

Time to sign off before I drive us all round the bend.*

*stay tuned for the explanation to that remark (My car=metaphor galore)
Out of the "okay, so I'm a klepto Files":A set of BRAND NAME double AA's out of my sister's fridge (?) for I'm not telling what.
Also doubles as Sassiest Deed of the day*
*please feel free to submit your very own SDD (yes, dem be Double Dees) to
CURRENT MUZAK: Blue Rodeo "The Days in Between"
Just changed to Jack baby for the remainder.
Three songs played on the jukebox at the Diner tonite:
Sublime "What I got"

Shaggy "Freaky Girl" (another double d: My current theme song)
Missy "Pass that Dutch"

Hey, when in ROme!

Outta here

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