Freitag, Oktober 01, 2004


From Monday...
I am really early for yoga. I’m usually early, but this is ridiculous- most likely on purpose, sub-consciously. The waiting area is a very soothing/calming zen like space. Smells nice (they have all kinds of aromatherapy stuff for sale). A round window on a lavender wall frames an orchid- white with a pink middle. There is one of those little mini sand/rock gardens with a tiny rake on one of the tables- I’ll have to try it out one of these days. Settled on the nice soft cream coloured leather couch, listening to Primal Scream/Trainspotting on the discman. Yes, I like being early for yoga.
This is my third class here, and it’s going well. I am better able to focus each time. Just as I wrote that last sentence, I looked to my left and saw a sentence from a brochure that they have framed, and it reads:
it’s time to focus on you

How eerily accurate.
I feel so good today, and I haven’t even started class yet! I guess it’s partly due to a good night’s sleep, after an equally productive/relaxing day off yesterday. Only my second one in exactly three weeks. Not enough! Time to slow down. Maybe after some of these Oktoberfest functions at the GCC- it just sounds like too much fun to pass up. Can’t wait to try my dirndl on again- was even toying with the idea of wearing it to the interview. Nuts? Definitely.

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