Samstag, Juni 11, 2005

Ouch my feet. It's just after midnight and I have *just* managed to finally put my fleecy boxer robe and slippers on. Long day, and tomorrow will be more of the same. Welcome to my summer! 1002 stairs again (I really like that number!) this morning, then half a day in my office life and the other half as a penguin. Don't get me wrong, I really do love my catering gig. Especially the bonuses a couple of years seniority will bring you (treats galore- tonight it was seashells and little blue and orange flowers from dismantled lai's - it was a grade 9 grad with a Hawaiian theme). How I appreciate being fed and catching up with old friends (this will be my 5th year helping out). And tonight brought the added gift of my favorite companion in all things fun, Kat. Who, coincidentally is currently composing a guest post all about our camping *trip* last weekend. I truly am blessed to have this goddess of a woman in my life, to be my mirror (as well as my reed- see last post) AND roomie. Swoon.

Bed is calling (yes, I hear you bed, just a sec!) Nighty night.

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