Mittwoch, Juni 15, 2005

Guess who?

The singing lawyer came for dinner tonight. It was a reunion of sorts, as Kat was there too. Us, six months later, wow! It was also an introduction of sorts, as Uhu joined our urban clan as of yesterday. How *handy* that we had a bottle of bubbly on hand to celebrate the occasion. When you are moving in the right direction you have the all of the energy of the universe behind you.

Each contributed to the feast in his or her own special way. I picked the groceries up and got to show off my rusty hausfrau cooking skills, SL brought the wine (How he knew it was our favorite kind-Masi- I will never know). K picked up berries and J brought the whip (So HOT), mmmmm - Perfection. How lucky am I to be surrounded with so much love.

An evening filled with good eats, a special premiere viewing of *The White Swan Adventure*, and a little ball handling practice with my brand spankin new orange and silver soccer ball in the living room... Life is good.

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