Montag, Juni 20, 2005

Weekend Observations

Angelina and Brad have the most amazing onscreen chemistry since… the black and white days. Uhu is great fun to go to the movies with (complaining loudly right after it was over “I want my money back, there wasn’t enough naked Brad!!”).

It is entirely worth the effort to make oneself an egg-turkeybacon-cheese-and-tomato on whole grain for breakfast (Saturday).

It’s much more fun to go sit on a sunny patio and have it made and served to you (Sunday).

My dad is the best cook ever (but we knew this already). Just don’t try and reheat the escargots in the microwave- they tend to explode and make a really big mess.

Your roommate DOES worry about you if you don’t come home (and no, honey, I wasn’t trying to punish you or teach you a lesson. I will call from now on!)

5 grown woman and one medium sized dog WILL fit into a king sized bed (and sleep comfortably) when enough alcohol has been consumed.

The worst sound to have to endure while hung over is a shop vac. My poor sister’s basement flooded and we spent most of Sunday afternoon mopping and sucking the water up.

Calling your (recent) ex bf and wishing him happy father’s day may induce shock/panic. Ooops! Didn’t mean it THAT way. Hee hee.

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Brad's butt is certainly worth the price of a ticket!! :-)