Freitag, Juni 24, 2005

TGIF (already/what took so long?)


That's the sound of the sassafrass exhaling after a super crazy busy rollercoaster yet oddly entertaining week. I embrace the weekend with arms wide open. I knew I was in trouble when I started talking to insects. My kitty Kat has only been gone 1 night and already I'm losing it.

To my defense, it was a Biene (english=bee), which just happens to be my new nickname. Hers is Grasshopper. But you'll find this out soon, as soon as I get her sweetcheek-german-tour-guide-ass to submit her guest post (this one's worth waiting for, folks). I was speaking to the little creature as I ushered him out of the living room, held temporarily captive in a pint glass with an envelope accross the bottom.

Luckily, Uhu sprung to the rescue. We're gonna cook us some salmon and drink us some wine (I'm in charge of the salad). Let the weeks events and adventures settle a little, like those little flakes in a snowglobe.

Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, my newly created slide show (over at Flickr). Quite proud of myself for figuring this one out so quick (pats on back). Not bad for someone who took a couple months of programming 5 years back. Not quite as proud as I am of myself for going for a jog before work 4 mornings this week. I may be able to keep up with those little *&ckers on the other team out on the field before this summer is through!