Dienstag, Juni 21, 2005

unedited ttd June 2005

-> all those things that I was supposed to do before my 31st B day
-> Get german passport renewed
-> Get class (whatever it is) to drive one of those 15 passenger vans
-> Sell speakers and receiver (barganfinder?)

Hmmm...... I just happened to (yeah right) open up to this page. It's June 21st and well, I better get my ass in gear if I want to accomplish even a portion of the above listed things. Oh well, wash one plate at a time, right?

I am currently laying on my bankie (Shut Up! You have one too!) under the shade of a beautiful tree (sorry, can't name it) with my 'essentials' laid out before me. Half a bottle of my dad's finest homemade red (I told you he gave great doggy bags!), water, rye crisp bread, discman, a few good CD's, a journal and a pen. With a picture of some real estate lady I have never heard of on it. Hm. More drunken lapses, perhaps? Nevermind. All toted here in a green cotton reusable bag, with a butterfly and flowers on the side. That beside my discarded Birks (more on them later) - sometimes I truly believe I was meant to be a hippie. Or was one in a past life, maybe?

Beautiful evening, this evening. And the Solstice. It would seem Mother Nature has blessed us. Given us a reprieve after the torrential rain (like none we've seen in oh, 1 or 2 hundred years) which continuously poured down on us over the past two and a half weeks. It's so wonderful to finally enjoy a beautiful summer day. And I'm exactly where I want to be. How lucky is that?

I am going to pack up soon and enjoy a bike ride around the park. The people (which succumbed to butterfly and then to bunny) watching has been a real treat. Especially the bunny- brown with a white peter cotton tail, munch munch munching on the green green grass. I managed to slow down the spinning axis of my globe for awhile to simply breathe, and be. But I will not leave you without this:

Ode to my Birkenstocks

How fitting on the first day of summer to don my absolute favorite pair of Sandals. Have them fit like a second skin, the green leather worn so soft, the bottoms walked bare. How many miles have I journeyed in these German wundershoes? If these babies could talk, the stories they'd tell, of Italy, Turkey, Paris and Prague! Over here as well- through rivers, lakes, folk fests and countless dog walks.

I did not get one blister wearing them all day. In fact, I think they may have healed a few of the other ones I have received by trying to wear unfortunate unmentionable others. Well, I think I have fully expressed my point here. I LOVE THESE SHOES. Like a child.

Thanks for your attention! You may now carry on with your summers.

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