Donnerstag, Juni 16, 2005

What I did on spring vacation by SG

Campbell River View

I reached three 'corners' of the island on my recent trip there (surfin' safari). It was an absolutely incredible trip, and sometimes feels like a dream that *maybe* didn't even happen. There were 24 girls, mostly from my soccer team (go, Stingers! We won 5-4 tonight. NO rain!), a gaggle of gorgeous flight attendants, and friends of the two women in the group turning 30. We had an absolute blast (how can you not when you get that much estrogen flowing AND have to get in and out of head to toe wetsuits?) taking over a beautiful (normally quieter, I'm sure) lodge right on the ocean. I had forgotten what a powerful force that mindboggingly humungous body of water the Pacific is to reckon with. How quickly I remembered, when I wigged out at Horseshoe Bay just as we were to be getting on the Ferry (don't like big boats and water I can't see the bottom of). However, by the third Ferry trip I was at ease again- just don't make me look over the side, please!

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