Sonntag, Juni 12, 2005

ouch my heart?

ouch ouch ouch my ... oh, don't even go there. That's what advil and massage therapists named Butt are for. I'm officially, done, finished, completed my first tournament of the year. With 500 buckeroos in my pocket, it's *almost* worth the effort. My body's none too pleased with me, but ~insert 2nd sentence here~ . 1 down, 4 to go!

Just wondering, has anyone had the experience of being uninvited to an event? I wonder. Because I just have been. It's a rather awkward thing, really. But then perhaps (and in accordance with my 'everything happens for a reason' belief') it's less awkward than attending said event. Understandable, when one considers the circumstances that have been altered in recent weeks. Hmm. One to ponder.

Wow- the night has just flown by. Off to bed, little one. Let the night's wings envelop you and take you to super rejuvinating sleepland (with a few good dreams thrown in there for good measure). Guten nacht. Montag morgen kommt viel zu frueh!


Omni hat gesagt…

I have a friend who used to have all sorts of gatherings at her home that I wouldn't be invited to, and wouldn't even hear about until later... and none of the people she used to invite are her friends anymore. I can't blame her for choosing to have a group of friends over rather than one friend (that group and I didn't get along), and she's since learned that those people aren't nice and never were, so it all worked out for the best.

SG hat gesagt…

Ah, you wouldn't have had any fun there anyway, I bet. You always know who your true friends are.