Montag, Juni 13, 2005

raindrops on roses

One of my favorite Jazz songs is I've got the world on a string My favorite beer is Krieg (Belgian Cherry)My favorite game ok, I'll admit it. I really don't care for 'em. I'd rather jump on a trampoline or swing on a swing My favorite sex toy: My new purple hummingbird My favorite sexual position: on Top! Hello? Are you new? My favorite color is blue, green and purple all swirled together (this was actually the person from whom I stole this quiz from's answer but I liked it too). My favorite sweater: all from Kat, all fuzzy, the white, the blue, the purple, the black My favorite place is it's a tie between the mountains and the ocean. BC, I guess ;) My favorite friend is: oh, way too hard to choose just one. I am blessed with three very special K's My favorite word to say out loud is (shut your ears & eyes here, kids) ~ SHITFUCK ~ inducted into the Sankatra languare on the camping *trip* last week My favorite word of all is flabbergasted My favorite places to be kissed (NOT bitten!) are my neck, the small of my back, the insides of my thighs My favorite extra special treat is sleeping in, *breakfast* in bed My favorite place to think about stuff is in my car going very fast on the highway My favorite shoes? green birks My favorite painting is that Monet of the bridge umm not an art critic, either My favorite guilty treat is Dairy Queen Blizzard with oreo, brownie pieces AND hot fudge My favorite non-guilty treat is yoga and selbstpflege/pampering (nails, toes, long bubble baths) My favorite man’s name is Joshua My favorite woman’s name is
Maia My favorite jeans: haven't found them yet My favorite lipstick: Burt's Bees My favorite vacation was out to Tofino and all around the island + Pender What are some of your favorites?

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