Donnerstag, Juni 02, 2005

traffic / escape

Well, thanks Therese, for all the traffic! (And sorry that I'm too lazy to put in your accents...)

I finally attached one of those blog counter things, and it's quite amusing to see who stops by and from where! Once I have a longer list of search results that lead people here, I'll post it. My favorite so far is "Helmut Sass"- whatever the heck that is. Anyone know? I also recently re-organized and updated my links to other blogs on the sidebar... and found a few more I plan to re-visit:

Kristy, Zoe & Rhonda, thanks for the giggles/inspiration!

My Kat and I are off camping/soul searching the next couple of days. It will be so good to escape the city and get some hard core hiking in. Little does my poor roomie know, I 'm a soft core camper... Wish us luck!

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Alexa hat gesagt…

My favorite search result on mine was "golden shower" :-P