Dienstag, Oktober 26, 2004

And it's her pen

Good Evening. Alone and in my own world. Just where I wanna be.

Trying to figure out my life. It has been weighing on me for quite some time now.

I pretty much have it figured out (and so I should, having spent 30 years on this earth). It's about achieving a balance between what I know my life direction is (and what is ultimately "good" for me) and the detours that I purposely take along the way. You know what? It's more fun that way.

Procrastination is a fine art.

Looking after myself. Remember the Mantra Kim (OBF)* left for you on the yellow postit: Healthy Choices!

I feel like I'm going through another one of those extremely intense phases (last seen at Emerald Lake "As the Snow Flies") multiplied by a few times!
It is a time for growing, learning, exploring...

Still so unsettled. Well, it HAS been quite a turbulent time these past years. Changing countries, gettin' divorced, reverse culture shock- after 9 years in that place. More recently rediscovering my career, making a home in my old hometown.

Wow- what a completely different existence THAT was. It hits me sometimes like a ton of bricks. Boom! Zerquetscht!

Why do I like being in this state? The thoughts flow. Sometimes even eloquently.
I take a step back from myself. Most always gaining some amount of perspective on the current situation. Refocusing on the big picture. What's really important.
Being happy and healthy
Obtaining goals

Combining all of the right elements in your life:
being fit
a fulilling career
eating healthily
... Eventually finding an equal and loving partner?

Deep breath. And out. That's all you need to know. There is a life force, an all-encompassing masterfully powerful universal force that guides the way.
Letting go. Letting it happen. WHATEVER "it" turns out to be:
- a hot & steamy pen pal in Whistler
- a new best friend (NBF)*

Oh yeah. Gonna get waxed and drink some wine.
Ein bischen quatchen
Und alles, was danach kommt


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erin hat gesagt…

hey.... know anything about the "return of saturn"? Look into it. You mentioned being 30....going through an intense period... I think we all do at this time, as far as to say that we enter a second life. the choices you make and the things you think of now are profound. Peace be with you on your journey... and you sound like you are doing just fine to me....