Montag, Oktober 18, 2004

(let it snow) 3

Yes, the first snowfall of the year certainly warrants a post of its own.

As soon as I saw the fat flakes float past my kitchen window, I was instantaneously reminded of last winter and the one before, in my beautiful mountain paradise. My relationship to snow has been forever altered having had the pleasure of living there, amongst the tall pines and majestic peaks.

Snow in the city is definitely a different experience all together- but I find myself not minding at all that the car is in the shop (indefinitely) this week. I am much preferring to walk.

Extremely low key weekend- the calmest in months, I’d venture to say. With no extra shifts!
My single requirement on Saturday: show up at the Ship at 3:00. (Ok, it was closer to 4 by the time we strolled in, to live music no less!) That place is so near and dear to my heart, mostly due to the unique individuals you get the opportunity to encounter, usually by bumming cigarettes after your 3rd or 4th pint.

Watched 2 DVDs yesterday- both turned out to be Canadian and to my utter amazement one was absolutely incredible. One of those films that stays with you for hours and days afterwards. Makes you reevaluate your life and the day to day decisions you make. It’s called “My life without me” and I highly recommend it (be prepared for a good cry).

In other (I consider exciting) news, I finally sorted through that monster drawer of paperwork that has been haunting me. Maybe it was the remark made by Island Girl as she was leaving Sunday noonish, “Clutter, so not good for Feng Shui”.

All right, Serenity, I’m ready for you!

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