Donnerstag, Oktober 14, 2004

Ponderings of a Whine-Oh

I have gotten called on a few things lately. Straight up. Don't you just love it when someone looks you in the eye and says "you know, you are so..."

1. My wine issue
2. My two sidedness
3. Saying and doing

Well, I have just a few comments to make in my defense.
'tis an inebriated rebuttal, but nonetheless, I feel I must make it.

OK, out of the past 7 days, I may have been indulging 5 of them. Not bad odds, you might say . A reverse week, where the weekend lasts longer than the week. Anything can be justified, using the right argument.

Here we go. Giving thanks, it seems, required a wee bit of liquid courage this year. That, and I had easy access to my stash from Summerhill. I should really add a wine review section to this thing.
Enough said. The reality is, Wine happens. Harvest Season. U know?

Moving right along... (One really shouldn't be allowed to post, in this condition) to 2 sidedness. The Twin in me. Zwilling bin ich. Aber richtig.
Yes, there is a side to me that is 100% kindergarten teacher. Which I have been called two or three times in as many years, factually speaking.
The other side is much darker, deeper. The side that comes out when I'm challenging myself. On the edge. But still kinda in control. Almost.

I say things like 'you need to know someone a long time before you figure them out' . Then meet someone, look into their eyes and see their souls instead. And there it is, the exception to the rule. You. And you. And you.
They say (whoever they is) that you go through cycles in your life. About every seven years. I must have started a new one recently, because the shifts that have taken place, particularly pertaining to the relationships in my life, sure is true to the evolution.


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