Sonntag, Oktober 24, 2004


Yes. I'm excited. In fact, it's a been a long time since I have had so much to look forward to.

#1 reason: My Louise is on her way to visit me right now! It was a little over a year ago that we took that fateful journey, from Field, B.C. to the beautiful island of P.E.I. It was about a 5300 km trip, in her 'beast' of a car. But we made it! And we made a lot of memories on the way. She and her Golf Pro honey are going to stop in for a few days on their way to do some job searching in the equally beautiful but completely different Okanogan region.

* fateful: causing ruin and destruction (just looked it up in the Roget's)
hmmm... maybe not quite the right adjective to describe that trip, unless you believe the Goddess Shiva's notion that everything must be destroyed in order to be reborn.

#2 reason: I get to go two-stepping. Yup, found myself a Cowboy (who happens to be a drummer in a band). After working a disastrous wedding and spontaneous decision to visit the local watering hole. Which later turned into a kitchen party complete with dancing sock foot, being flipped backwards and upside down ("Yeah, there's enough room in here"...) and an impromptu game of strip poker.

So if I'm really lucky (and the stars are lined up right) the two events may happen simultaneously.

Best moment of the weekend: when my mom was presented with her very own Soccer Jersey with "FAN" written on the back at our wind down & back up festivities Saturday evening. She is truly our #1, indoor & out, she rarely misses a game, and once even gave me the shoes off her very feet so I could play (I had forgotten mine at home).

I am so lucky.

p.s. Welcome to the world, Jess & Brian's Bouncing Baby Boy Isaac!

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