Freitag, Oktober 08, 2004


It’s about time she had an entry!

She entered my life at the ripe young age of 12. I had changed schools for the sixth grade, attempting to escape the rich mean kids I had endured for 1-5. Sometime between sneaking eye shadow in the girl’s bathroom and belting out Whitney and Corey Hart on the school bus, we developed a bond stronger than any other I have had the good fortune to experience and one that is still intact today.

We have been through so much together. Joys and sorrows, laughter and pain. She is the one person in this world who can read my mood by hearing me utter a single word. Although our lives are so different now, she married with two babes and me swingin’ single, we still connect and share as we always have.

She is the one I called sobbing when I found that horrible pic of the ex with the internet whore (the nail in the coffin, she so aptly put it), the one I called when I got the job of my dreams. The one who always believed in me and my endless possibilities, my own personal cheerleader with a permanent spot on the sidelines of my life.

There is nothing more soothing to my soul than being invited to her home, sharing a meal, reading her daughter some bedtime stories (and being requested to sing a song, if I’m lucky, “do you know twinkle twinkle?” she said last time). The settling down in the basement with our cups of tea after they’re asleep and ‘catching up’. This past time she said to me “you have finally come home”, meaning I am living my authentic life, being happy in my own skin. I have, I am and I’m so glad you made the journey with me.

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