Montag, Oktober 04, 2004

free conditioner = $20 parking ticket (or, the day I turned into a pixie)

So my hairdresser took me to a hair show afterparty last night. And he wants to take me to Mexico.
I enjoy a close bond with my hairdresser. Sitting in that chair is not unlike sitting on the sofa at the Psychiatrists office...
It was fun. I got to dress up, get my hair done, and dance! (Oh, and drink, did I mention that part?) A girly girl's dream come true. Even got to choose from the manicurists wide selection of Opi colours: I chose Altar Ego.
He actually cut it almost all off this time. Talked me into red(ish) HL amongst the blondy blonde. I love it. Hello, Pixiehood!
It is critical to have absolute faith & trust in a handful of professionals in your life: your Dr, Lawyer, Massage Therapist/Acupuncturist, Accountant... And you Michel, Merci!

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