Mittwoch, Oktober 20, 2004

Fiddlin' Cat

The days are flying by so fast I feel they are floating away in front of my eyes. Levitating off the ground and outta here! What is left to grasp at- a few fleeting moments here and there. Long days at my desk with my mind all over the place. Focused. Not focused. Getting stuff done. Most of the time. Not getting those priorities straight just yet, but working on it.
It seems, you write it down, it comes to fruition.
Fruit = Grapes = Summerhill = Wish
See? I’m not mad after all! A little crazy? Yeah. It helps in this world.
Where were we… life floating by. How appropriate!
I have long believed that it’s all about balance. I distinctly remember my ex-husband (he with the feet firmly planted on the ground, whilst I had my head in the clouds…) asking me what I wanted out of life. His response? “Harmonie” (We spoke German together). Balance. Ying & Yang. You know?
It’s when we forget/neglect this balance that we get sick. Dis-ease. Uncomfortable in one’s surroundings, in one’s own skin.
You’re not at the right place & time, not in alignment with the way the universe is. Plain & simple.
How to get back to equilibrium? Find your centre again?
Focus. Breathe. Meditate. Get outside in nature. Go for a drive. Hug someone. Take a hot bath. Have a cup of tea. Play some music. Light some candles.
All of the above. Your own thing. Whatever you need to do to come back to you. Remember the sacred. The beloved. How so very often do we forget! It’s blown completely out the window. Gone. What is truly important? What each and every one of us is striving towards during our time on this earth?
I’ll leave you to ponder.

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