Sonntag, Oktober 10, 2004

Happy Turkey Daze

Hello and Greetings fellow Feasters!
It feels like I have been eating and drinking (and, of course, the being merry that natrually occurs whilst taking part in the first two) non stop since Friday noon. Oh wait, I have!
It has been a fabulous Thanks Giving Weekend and I find myself with more than usual (or what could possibly be my share) of Things To Be Thankful For. A wonderful family to share it with, fantastic friends to have oh so much fun with, a job that I love to go to, even tho tomorrow is supposedly a holiday. Yeah, well, the Americans are silly and celebrate theirs next month.
I say the sooner the better. Celebrating wise.
So as we continue the caloric intake tally (the girls are back from the store with the forgotten but oh so necessary whipped cream for the ole Pumpkin Pie) I shall sign off with one wish:
That you have all had the good fortune to take some time to give thanks this weekend for all that is good. Prost!

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