Mittwoch, Oktober 13, 2004

"that's a really good one for you"

Trust - This is the Rune Stone I drew last night, and what it said in the book about it:

Restoration, rebuilding of belief in yourself, in your life, in your relationship with the Divine.

Love grows when trust is present. I love you and I trust you are two stones for crossing the same stream.

Each time you face the issue of trust, you are being asked to grow. When you push through your fears and trust your feelings, you do grow- and Trust grows in you.

Take the first step, reclaim the lost Trust you once cherished and thrived upon. We are born to live our lives in Trust. Let no one tell you differently.

The breath of Heaven is everywhere Trust is.

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Steve hat gesagt…

Speaking of trust, I just found out that there was a great white shark sighted in the straight where I was paddling this summer.

The reasons not to trust are kind of like that shark. Sure it's there, but compared to the size of the ocean, it's pretty small.

And really, it's probaby looking for a big juicy seal. So, the secet to trust is to not look like a seal. Think of the most trusting people you know. I bet they don't look like seals do they?