Montag, September 05, 2005

adventures in mountain goat land

Have you ever butted heads with someone, simply because you were each trying to love eachother in the best way you knew how?

That's when you call in the super-glue Mr. Uhu to the rescue. In fact, his services were required by the neighbours this evening as well, but that's whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother time.

It has been an extremely exhausting day, emotionally. But it's safe to say that all is now well again under our roof, and the lessons have been duly learned. It's extremely helpful to have a third 'innocent bystander' there to analyze and explain the situation from his (incredibly astute and accurate) point of view.

The bee has been stung herself, and will now be more careful with her wordage in the future , lest it come out sounding motherly. Grasshopper has discovered that not everyone can jump as high as she can. What a shame that the others stuck down below have to miss this view! She has so much love and energy to bring forth into the world, and is just searching for the right field to land in.

The one constant is that there's love all around. Love love love. All around and through us, floating through both floors of this house we're (somewhat painstakingly, at the moment) making into our home.

Love IS all you need.

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