Dienstag, September 20, 2005

a 'meme' cause I hate that word!

Ten Years Ago: I was 21, already married two years, living in small town Germany, still working at the bakery, I think. I may still have had my almost waist length hair, and ALL of my innocence.

Five Years Ago: The year 2000 was a very turbulent one. I know that we celebrated New Years in Amsterdam (and the year before, and the year after). I had left my husband earlier this year, and spent almost 8 months moving around Munich ~5 different places~ whew! I was finishing school and starting my career here . It was around this time that he finally got his Canadian Visa, and we got back together and started preparations for our move here.

One Year Ago: I was already six months in to my new job (finally back doing what I went to school for), my heart nicely healed from the last time it got broken. ***Oh my Goodness!!! Yesterday was my one year Blog anniversary!!!*** I had just met my Kat, and was still glowing from my fabulous Labour day weekend extravaganza in Vancouver.

Five Snacks: healthy or not healthy? Chocolate ~any kind~, Wine Gums, Oreos, Dried Fruit, popcorn

Five Things I would do with $100 Million: give a couple to each member of my family (birth and urban), donate a bunch to charity (especially hurricane relief), travel the world, open my yoga retreat on the Okanogan, hmmm that’s it!

Five places to run away to: Naramata, PEI, Amsterdam, Greece, New Zealand

Five Things I would never wear: white shoes after Labour day, camouflage, a watch, stilettos, fur

Five Favourite shows: ever? 21 Jump Street, ER, Ally McBeal… The Simpsons and Friends are probably the only ones I can tolerate now (pretty sad, I know).

Five Biggest Joys: the feeling I have after a yoga class, holding a brand new baby, getting flowers, hearing from old friends, falling in love

Five Favourite Toys: Barney! (my own X rated purple friend), online radio, my rollerblades, bubble blower, hmmm I need more toys!

Now you!


brea hat gesagt…

I lvoe Ally McBeal also! Strengthened my love for Robert Downey Jr, I first realized he was a sexy beast when I was, oh, all of nine and he was in that movie about Charlie Chaplin.

brea hat gesagt…

Um. Lvoe means love, obviously.