Mittwoch, September 21, 2005

holy groceries, batman

I have this cycle of emotions I go through just about every time I go grocery shopping.
It's pretty complex yet pretty simple at the same time.

I kinda dread going lately, 'cause life's suddenly gotten really expensive recently for various reasons (the least of which that *ouch* unplanned for car repair bill from the un\fortunate Kelowna gas pump incident.

Then I say damn it! Ya need to eat, right?

And the various items from the list you've been composing in your head get checked off, one by one. There's always a few surprises, the spice of life so zu sagen, but mostly it's good, healthy food that goes in the cart (you know you mean business if it's not just the little red basket that you end up grabbing at the door). Then, after laying out *gulp* over a hundred dollars, a grilled veggie burger in my tummy, and a leisurely drive home, I have this.

sauerkraut raisins branflakes maplesyrup yoghurt salsa eggs celery carrots trailmix freshcilantro tomatoes *batteries* toothbrushes tea tea tea tea (two for one) 12grainbread waffles fishoilcapsules pastasauce x2 beans chickpeas naturalpeanutbutter redpepper snowpeas apples avocados brownrice juice WHEW!