Montag, September 19, 2005

weekend rejuvination

It might be easier to start with the *freshly baked* oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and work my way backwards.

Wrote a ttd list dated two days ago and just realized that I got 5 out of the 6 things on it done. Wahoo!

Hmm. Maybe I will start at the beginning (which is a very good place to start, actually). In a crumpled heap in my Kat's arms, sobbing because the jar of broken salsa on the kitchen floor was the straw that finally broke this camel's back. Funny how it's usually a little thing (spilt milk) that will send you over the edge.

She provided a much needed cuddle, and sent me out the door twenty minutes later with her rollerblades on my feet (and wristguards, I'm not completely nuts, people). This proved to be exactly the ticket, and I wondered to myself (after picking myself up and dusting myself off after the first ~and only~ crash down the big hill into the park) why I hadn't been out blading here before, during the whole year and a half I have lived here.

Back home and bathed in lavender, I felt 100% more me. Thus induced the string of events which have brought me to this Sunday evening (now Monday day), taking a moment to reflect upon them...

Two more walks in the 'hood to soak up some much needed vitamin D... Some play therapy on the first, with a pause by the monkey bars and swings. Some errands on the second, with a trip to the post office and a long overdue visit to the incredible middle eastern deli.

We feasted on take-out Tabouli, Hummus, Spanokopita, Stuffed wine leaves, olives, tzaziki. Mmmmmm. I could still taste the garlic this morning. But that's okay, cause my two (yes, two) dates happened well before the breath altering experience that was lunch.

We watched a whole bunch of silly movies, and I completed my first freelance wedding reception decoration gig. Rewarded myself with a set of dark blue flannel sheets. Oh so comfy... wish I could crawl back between them right now, in fact.

This Monday would suck, except for the free sushi lunch I had (the first perk that came from being a part of the company's Christmas party planning committee). Hmm. That's the third mention of food in one post. Am I becomming a foodie?

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