Dienstag, September 06, 2005

groovin tuesday *Show Me LOVE*

Peace has returned to the valley. It's a (strangely) smoke free evening, hangin' out collaging with my Kat. All very low key, chicken noodles for supper, crossing my fingers that this scratchy throat won't turn into a full blown cold. Please, not before the weekend of the biggest tournament of the year (and my chance to make an extra month's rent in three days). Gotta be on my game for that one, for shizzle.

We've got 'back to the 90's' on the good old internet radio, and it's one of those moments where the song's lyrics apply... Good vibrations. Yup. You create your own reality, and we have regained the happy flow. Lisa Stansfield, Paula Abdul, it's a flashback sing along night.

Off to the mountains for a few days (it was Sharon Stone who said "and if you feel good, then make sure you do the things that make you stay happy. Do what makes you feel genuinely happy and loved"). So I'm gonna.

this was taken last week when I finally figured the webcam out. I call it "Sass figures it out". Yup, them be pigtales in my hair- I had just gotten off the soccer field.


Anonym hat gesagt…

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SG hat gesagt…

Shitty. My first comment spammer... anyone know how to get rid of these twits?