Mittwoch, September 21, 2005

early and blurry HNT

this one's called 'my fav freckle'... Can you see it? This is also one of my fav necklaces- bought it in Banff the fateful weekend of the breakup in May. My massage therapist told me that my heart chakra was blocked and I should wear some rose quartz close to it.

It feels pretty open now. Sure, it has had its strings tugged on a few times since, and I think it must be the origin of all the maternal instincts and occasional longing type feelings... It sure got a good workout this past week and a half, with all of the goings on in the crib. Explosions of emotions, all around. But we have learned to survive, me and my heart. Some times the love comes out tougher than usual, but it's all a process towards healing. And kepping the family together. N'est ce pas? Funny, my twist on the 'it's not you, it's me' speech I delivered yesterday came out 'my heart's just not in it'. Nope, it's too busy over here, lovin' the fam.


Osbasso hat gesagt…

Great to have you back with HNT! Yes, I can see the freckle!

Have to admit I haven't kept up with your site of late. Sounds like a little drama going on? Hope all is well!

SG hat gesagt…

Great to be back!

Yeah, Drama could be our iddle name lately. Looks like things are beginning to calm down now though, thanks for your concern.