Samstag, September 03, 2005

long weekend goodness

Not even noon yet, and I'm up, showereddressedbreakfasted and ready to go! Not a great wonder, since I was awoken at eight (after only 4 hours of sleep) by a text message from one of the condenders. A few minus points there for sure...

My goal over the next three days is to get all of my filing/paperwork/junk drawers sorted. Unless life has other plans for me, that is. A trip to the mountains with freshly returned Kat may be in the works, to check out a job opportunity for her.

I love love love having three days off in a row. Doesn't happen that often as I work most Canadian holidays. It looks as though the weather will be nice too- I'm heading out soon to check out a few open houses with the Mama. As soon as I have that first drawer cleaned out!! *put a little prayer that the organizational fairies are working with me here*

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