Montag, September 26, 2005

firsts & lasts


First best friend: Alison MacDonald. Fell in love at first sight with her boyfriend, Sean (always loved that name), at the end of grade 6. I was his shoulder to cry on when she dumped him for no reason.

First car: Dark Blue Dodge Omni. Bought at an auction for $500. I’ll never forget the thrill of raising my arm and winning that bid. Too bad it was a lemon.

First kiss: 13 or 14 (yea, I was a late bloomer), on the corner down from Trafford Drive, walking my boyfriend part of the way home. I remember walking on clouds all the way back home.

First screen name: sg (sassy girl, or ssygrl… that’s me)

First funeral: I catered one by myself, three years ago, between Christmas and New Years. Laid out the spread in the basement of the church. Other than that, just one memorial service for an old friend from elementary school’s father last year.

First album: mixed pop songs circa 1985. Featuring Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just wanna have fun” and Nina’s “99 Luftballoons”.

First pets: Bert and Bertha, Black Labs, on the farm. My dad calls everyone either Bert or Bertha, as he has a terrible memory when it comes to names.

First piercing/tatooing: Ears, when I was about eleven or twelve. None since.

First big trip: me, mom and lil sis, 5 weeks in California the summer of 1988. Absolutely awesome trip, although I think my mom had more fun than we did at Disneyland- she wanted to stay and BE Minnie Mouse.

First time skiing: Grade 6, at ‘Paskipoo’ (now Canada Olympic Park). Most horrifying moment: wiping out and having the zipper of my snow pants break, just as the two cutest boys in the school were going up the chairlift above me. Of course, I had nothing on underneath!

First concert: Crowded House @ the Jube.

First alcoholic drink: a Fuzzy Navel (oj and peach schnapps), on my thirteenth b-day

First ticket violation: can’t remember- must have blocked the memory as too painful/traumatic

First date: well, I remember it being with a cute boy I had a crush on (circa grade 5) but it wasn’t really a date as we were going to see his ‘girlfriend’ perform in a ballet. The Nutcracker, I believe.


Last car ride: Yesterday, to take Uhu to work (end of the world North, turn right). At least he gave me a tenner for gas.

Last kiss: Probably shouldn’t have happened. ‘Nuf said.

Last time you cried: Friday before last, the salsa incident.

Last movie watched: in a theater? Reverb (see second to last post).

Last food you ate: my 6’ tuna on honey oat from Subway. Surprisingly, no snacking this aft as there is something seriously wrong with my tummy.

Last love: Wasn’t allowed to come to fruition.

Last temptation: See last kiss. But we were strong!

Last item bought: Lunch. Before that, gas. At $104/litre!!

Last annoyance: See bold above.

Last time wanting to die: The afternoon after I saw my Dr. 2 ½ weeks ago. I was parked near a cliff overlooking Rundle Mountain and briefly considered what would happen if I put it in drive. I didn’t.

Last shirt worn: Probably my tux (penguin) shirt to work a catering shift.

Last alcoholic drink: Last night, a glass of red (bin 555)

Last concert: been going through my day timer, trying to figure this one out. I’m thinking it must have been the Folk Fest back in July, ‘cause I never made it to the Reggae Fest, sadly. There have been a few bands playing in bars, but that’s not really considered a concert, is it?

Last phone call: a customer, stuck on the website.

Last time at the mall: hmmmm. It’s been awhile.

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