Samstag, September 24, 2005

a scotch, two whiskeys and a beer

Please excuse the lack of a post yesterday,those of you who are regular readers and who may have gotten used to the regularness of late. Ha. Who am I kidding? Actually, I do have some (a couple... hi shan!) frequent visitors, and few more infrequent ones. Can't tell right now cause my counter thing is kaputt.

There was a good reason for the lack of a post. I was too busy getting my mom schloshed (is that even actually a word and is that how you spell it?) and enjoying an excellent dinner here, prepared and served by my dear precious sweet Uhu. Who is not only an excellent cook, but the biggest charmer in the West- he had mommy dearest effortlessly wrapped around his little finger!

A fine evening (and a bottle of wine) was had by all (each ~ hic!). Yes, we had three- two whites and a red. On a Thursday night. Why the hell not. Tucked the Mama with her doggies in for a nap and headed over to the lounge (read: couches in garage) next door to lounge with my lovely neighbour lady. All that place needs is a lava lamp and it's perfection, I'm tellin ya!

Sat and giggled with her and the U man till way past my bedtime, recalling stories of Oktoberfests past, among other adventures in Munich. I have recently 'found' a German speaking group, and an Oktoberfest here in Cowtown to go to. Seriously thinking of breaking out the dirndl. Seriously though, it will be nice to have a Stammtisch again, as I did living in Germany with my English speaking group. Miss those guys.

Prost! Und eins, zwei, drei, 'gsouffa!


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