Sonntag, September 04, 2005

snapshots of wisdom

One of the best things about cleaning out junk drawers is finding all the junk YOU decided was treasure, at some point in your life. Another good side effect is a clearing of the cobwebs of the mind. Once I finally stopped the procrastination yesterday, I sat down and got it all sorted in about 4 1/2 hours. Including a few manditory 'inspirational' breaks, of course, and a bit of a lie down and chit chat on the blankie in the backyard while it was still sunny.

Here are a few of the bits and pieces I came accross and put into a nice little BLUE (color of Sept, doncha know) box :

According to a 'keepsake card' with my real name on it, it means I enjoy captivating my audience. My curiosity makes me one who desires to know things and I have an artistic nature. I give joy and comfort to all around me, I am quite a character. I'll give a helping hand or a friendly smile. Others call me a wise one for my knowledge and I am full of drive.

The card was a gift from my far away Louise, and I agree with everything except the last point. Mind you, it doesn't specify what kind of drive, does it? I'd say it's the scenic drive to Shedonism, these days.

There's a temporary tatto that says "ALOHA" in colourful sparkly letters. Mark it down on the Halloween costume idea list.

More temp tattoos- red Maple leaves.

The brochure from the Van Aquarium is in there, upon which I wrote this poem.

A photocopied little square of paper my yoga teacher sent me, entitled:

Take a breather
A Breath of Fresh Air

Wanna know what it says? Tough, I'm gonna write it anyways.

The quality of the air you breathe is important. Get outside at every opportunity. Think how wonderful it feels to breathe in air from a pine forest or from a salty ocean breeze.

Put plants and flowers in your house. Remember they put out oxygen.

Every day, even in sub-zero temperatures, air out your house for a few minutes. This means opening a couple of windows. The good news for those afraid of heating bills is fresh air heats a lot faster than recycled air.

I think that's enough wisdom emparting for now.

Tomorrow: the merging of the files. Oooh, how exciting.

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