Dienstag, August 23, 2005

livin large in the lap of lux

I pull up to the house and swing around into my ususal parking spot. The key sticks a little in the lock and I have to jiggle it around a bit when the dogs start to bark. I pile in the door juggling my grocery bag of groceries, a bag of shoes and my purse in one hand and Kat's big blue bag over my other shoulder. Making sure I have all chewables up on the counter, I venture into the laundry room and let the little guys out of their kennels and open the back door so they can run and yap around the back yard. Then, of course, they get served their kibble.

I decide to take a look around all the rooms, taking my stuff upstairs to the guest room , finding a neatly stacked pile of towels on the bed. After ridding its surface of about a thousand ~useless~ throw pillows and a couple of evil feather filled ones, I unpack my own pillow. I take the taupe towels into the bathroom and line the counter with my 'essentials'. This is really starting to feel like a little vacation.

I take a stroll down to the walk out basement, where the home gym equipment and a computer with high speed internet await me. The dogs run around excitedly, and I have to stop for cuddles and allow them to sniff me fully (it has been a few months since my last stay).

I glance through the overfilled fridge/freezer/pantry and make a mental note for tomorrow's menu with S & C (and ideas for the rest of the week). Not to mention the fully stocked liquor cabinet...(the lady of the house just won a city-wide martini contest for which she apparently experimented like a mad/drunk scientist). The possibilities are endless, and the smile on my face spreads as I find the cheque made out to me on the counter (which will more or less bring me back into the black... thank goodness). My smile continues as I find the switch to the gas fireplace on the living room wall, and light a yummy smelling candle.

I spend the majority of the evening curled up on the rug in front of the fire, flipping through the patronizing stupidity that is television today (people swapping wives, Tommy going to college, Auditions for a new Michael Hutchence... now I know why I never turn the damn thing on). It thouroughly sucked me in, and truthfully it was nice to vegetate in little mindlessness as I settled into the first night of my stay at this beautiful mansion.

May I say something? Housesitting. Rocks. My. World.

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